Wellbeing services for early years settings

‘Creating an environment to promote a state of contentment which allows an employee to flourish and achieve their full potential for the benefit of themselves and their organisation.’ (CIPD 2016)

Early Years Wellbeing Audit & Strategy Visits

The all-important question is, does your workplace culture help or hinder employee wellbeing?

Issues within an early years setting might include:

  • policies being applied inconsistently – such as flexible working, holiday requests
  • paperwork – observations, assessment, learning journeys
  • working hours – overtime, staff meetings, training
  • code of conduct – professionalism, poor communication
  • performance management – not identifying staff skills and opportunities for professional development or addressing areas for improvement

I work alongside Early Years settings to prioritise health and wellbeing in all aspects of operation of their daily working environment to ensure all staff are part of a dedicated happy and healthy community.

My unique Welcome to Wellbeing audit process is organised into three stages;

Stage 1: CHECK

Measure staff health & wellbeing through wellbeing questionnaires and management team reflections

Stage 2: PLAN

Using the analysis from your wellbeing surveys and management self-evaluation stage 1 to action and identify priorities and aims to implement a Wellbeing Strategy Plan

Stage 3: DELIVER

The Wellbeing Strategy Plan into practice

Research has shown us that line managers play a crucial role in how positive employees feel about their workplace. Evaluating staff feedback will help to shape areas for development that will significantly impact on staff wellbeing and performance and any line manager or leadership training that will make a difference.