What is wellbeing to me?

Over the years, I have oftened worried about mental health and the perception people have about it. Thankfully that stigma is reducing due to an increase of education and awareness, alot of thanks to Kate’s knowledge and input over this last year…♡

Having a close family member that has suffered with anxiety through work stress and life in general, It made me realise how important our mental health is within our work place and home life..♡

Our quality of education is strong, we all work really well with families and understand the needs for our children within our care extremely well, to help with their wellbeing, happiness and learning.


Running a small team, I ensure our ethos throughout is that we work in a relaxed, calm and safe setting, where adults feel confident to express if they are feeling tired, or have other issues going on.♡

We talk openly, as the old saying – ‘a problem shared, is a problem halved’ sometimes seem to work..♡

I personally have learnt not to bottle up worries and carry them around, but to unopen that bottle and let those worry feelings out…♡ It is most definitely good to talk!!


Those little touches
We have a staff basket of goodies to make them feel appreciated or when they are in need of a little ‘me time pamper’, to restart the life batteries..

We have a little jar of positive quotes, there are positive quotes around our environment.

It’s extremely important to me that my team feel happy and healthy and they can talk to me about anything they are concerned about on a personal and work level…

We start our day with some classical music, soft lights and our water feature on, gets our mindset ready to take on the world of play..aka a houseful of unders 5’s

We have a dedicated area for emotions, mirrors to explore our expressions, mood stars, books, the children use daily to express and explore their feelings from a very young age, this is now embedded within our setting.

We practise yoga and mindfulness on a regular basis with a range of resources for breathing exercises for self regulation and calm spaces when needed..


Sometimes the littlest things are the most meaningful ♡

Our environment gives positive vibes, this follows through to people working within it

Mental health effects us all in one way or another so if we can remember to start with our own wellbeing (as sometimes I forget about myself) to allow some headspace and relaxation when possible,this will give you the balance you need…♡

By Jenny Ainsworth.


Encouraging children to learn through PLAY within a magical, safe and stimulating setting ♡



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