So I sit here on this Thursday morning, feeling a little under the weather-my tummy has butterflies for more than one reason. The first, I won’t go into much detail but if you work with children- YOU KNOW! And the second is because today is the launch of my blog as I share some BIG news.  I am super excited to share that I will shortly be launching ‘Early Years Specialists’-providing staffing, agency & recruitment solutions in the West Midlands and beyond.

I know the struggle is real when recruiting for staff! ‘Where have they all gone?’ is a question myself and other leaders and managers have been pondering for a while? We don’t have the luxury of huge budgets or endless supplies of opportunities, but we always need experienced, knowledgeable, passionate, caring, nurturing, reliable and trustworthy staff and Mary Poppins and Nanny McPhee are not available!

So, this is where it starts today. Now, right now. I am offering solutions to our struggles, I will recruit, train and provide practitioners and business owners with the opportunities they both deserve. My reputation for quality and the highest standards will be the starting point and continue to be at the heart of every decision. It will make certain that we only recommend the very best Early years practitioners-who have demonstrated their ability to offer the highest standards of care. My vision will always remain-that children are at the heart of every setting and this will always be part of everything we do.

I will work with students-newly qualified and training to support them with the skills they need for interview and jobs. I will introduce prospective job applicants to nursery owners, schools and settings. I will have agency staff available for one off, short or long term projects.

In short-my promise is that I will offer a highly personalised service for every individual I work with-to go above and beyond to make things happen and get things done!

My website has a contact form where you can express an interest and be the first to hear about what is coming next.


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