Today is day number – I have lost track and goodness knows how many days of self-isolation, lock down and social distancing it is now. I said last week that we can forget about giving the days names now, but today definitely feels like a Monday. A Monday when it is grey outside, you feel unmotivated and want to get back into bed or watch films from the under your duvet on the sofa.

So far today I have

• Stripped my bed, tidied and cleaned my bedroom & the bathroom
• Had a shower
• Fed the dogs
• Ate porridge with strawberries
• Drank 3 cups of tea
• Failed at attempting to encourage my 14-year-old daughter to do the Joe Wicks PE work out, did a little of it myself until he started talking about pirates and I realised I was dancing around the kitchen like a pirate by myself
• Danced to a black-eyed-peas Zumba workout in the kitchen
• Replied to all my emails
• Done work stuff
• Spent far too much time on social media
• Set up a zoom account and scheduled Wellbeing Wednesday chats

It is only 11.33am.

The only other things I have planned for today is going for a walk and maybe eating a pizza.

I have done all the things I SHOULD do to feel mentally and physically well, keeping a routine, connecting, being active, trying new things, but I feel pretty low and miserable today.

So, I am going to do what my body is telling me to do today instead of just plodding on and continue pushing myself through the motions. That feels a little scary for me because I worry if I stop it might make me feel worse. But I am reminding myself of my basic care needs and I have already taken care of those today.

I wrote this as I was bored and wasn’t even sure what it was for,  if I would add it to my blog or a Facebook post and then carried on with a bit of work and when I came back and read it, you know what I realised?

Why am I being so hard on myself?

Look at all of the things I have done today, despite not feeling myself.

So this is for anyone else who is being hard on themselves today.

I am off to eat a pizza and watch a film with my daughter.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.


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