Self-care is a subject we are hearing more frequently, along with the figures at an all time high on staff absence and sickness levels due to Mental Heath. So what does self care even mean and are you doing it already? I can hear all of the managers thinking, self care in the work place, you must be joking – when I don’t even have time to go to the toilet never mind have a lunch break!

Please stick with me here, in fact, let’s pause… and take moment to consider what selfcare in the workplace would look like? Before you get carried away, it doesn’t mean a relaxing massage and facial in the staff room or the manager buying everyone’s lunch (I mean it could if you wanted it too but it’s not what I’m getting at). It might mean taking the time to take that lunch break, don’t dismiss it – even if it’s not every day but setting a plan to have a proper lunch break maybe a few times a week. A break, a step away from the computer, the non stop demands, the phone ringing and the admin tasks that have given you that cracking head ache you’ve been battling all morning. A lunch break in a staff room or space that enables you to just relax and take a breather for a few moments at a time. A few moments to eat an actual lunch of real food and take the time to have those conversations with your staff team and build those relationship that matter and improve everybody’s Wellbeing by being present. In – the – moment  – present.

In fact whilst we’re on the subject of lunch let’s consider the importance of nutrition as part of our selfcare and consider the impact this has on our energy, our performance and ability to function. You haven’t had chance for breakfast and lunch is a cereal bar at your desk, you’re possibly existing on caffeine and probably not that much fun to be around by the time you get home after another long day. Ring any bells?

Ultimately, by not considering and valuing your selfcare in the workplace you’re on a one way ride to stress town. Stress is a word thrown around a lot, but we should consider it seriously if we’re feeling stressed a lot of the time. Why? Because it can lead us to more serious mental health problems such as anxiety, panic attacks, migraines and depresssion. When stress takes over, just about everything becomes overwhelming and then we can feel as though every little thing is personal, we work hard, have no breaks, we’re responsible for just about everything and everyone and our reactions and responses will start to become either fight or flight.

I know all of this because I’ve been there and now I’m at a place where I prioritise my selfcare, health and wellbeing and I hope to share with others how to improve everyone’s Wellbeing in the workplace.

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