Welcome to Wellbeing


Online training programme for Early Years Practitioners.

Welcome to Wellbeing the online training programme is a new way of thinking, a new way of doing things and a new way of wellbeing for you and your team. It is more than professional development, this is an opportunity for you to develop a healthy way of working that promotes individual reflection and a community of team work.

Issues within an early years setting might include:

• policies being applied inconsistently, such as flexible working, holiday requests
• paperwork, observations, assessment, learning journeys
• working hours, overtime, staff meetings, training
• code of conduct, professionalism, poor communication
• performance management, not identifying staff skills and opportunities for professional development or addressing areas for improvement

With an already busy workload it can leave us feeling stressed, under pressure, resentful and can impact on the whole team’s positivity and performance.

By completing the Welcome to Wellbeing online training you and your team will work through six modules enabling you to identify what is impacting on wellbeing within your setting and address how to improve it, in three clear manageable steps; Check, Plan & Deliver.



Online training programme for Early Years Practitioners