Early Years Educator BA (HONS), Best Selling Author: A Guide to Mental Health for Early Years Educators, Founder of Early Years Wellbeing Week, MHFA England Instructor.

The last few years have been especially hard on our sector, but it would be irresponsible not to acknowledge the long-term challenges that continue to underlie the landscape of our sector. A global pandemic and ongoing economic, political, and cultural uncertainty speaks to the urgent need to change how we work and demand a greater priority on adult wellbeing as a prerequisite for children’s wellbeing.



I am dedicated to leading a new agenda to improve the mental health and wellbeing of the early years workforce. Going to work should be good for us, yet sadly, we often find issues at work negatively influencing our wellbeing and posing a risk to our mental health.
Whilst mental health awareness is increasing, too many people are still becoming unwell. Stigma and discrimination toward mental ill-health still exist. For far too long, the early education sector has been ill-equipped and unprepared when it comes to dealing with and understanding mental health.

Mental Health literacy is everyone’s business. I believe that it should be of enormous importance to us all – for ourselves, our children and our whole community so that we can all thrive.

Many of us will have never received any formal training or professional development relating to the wellbeing of early years educators. Times are changing, and you are part of that change. My book, A Guide To Mental Health For Early Years Educators, amplifies the voices of educators to highlight the true meaning of wellbeing. One that incorporates inclusion and belonging, cultivating a deep culture of wellbeing.

If you would like to work with me, I deliver keynote speaking, a range of training specialising in adult and children’s mental health and workplace wellbeing support for line managers and their teams. Get in touch, and together we can create change, increase mental health literacy in early years education and make wellbeing heart centric to your pedagogy and practice.


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Why train with me?

MHFA England is the only provider of licensed Mental Health First Aid Instructor Training in England


The MHFA England Instructor Training programme is accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health

Grounded in research and rigorously tested, our courses are developed by experts with input from people with lived experience of mental health issues

You’ll be joining a community of over 2.6 million MHFA-trained people in 25 countries around the world



"An uplifting training that had a variety of reccomendations, practical activities, personal experience and opportunities to share ideas. It was a really lovely session."
"Very informative & has given me the confidence on how to deal with my own mental health & identify my triggers & my stressors. Also has given me the confidence to understand how to deal and help other people with their mental health. One thing that has really stuck out is that I need to learn to listen to communicate and not listen to respond and don't give advice".
"Kate is brilliant. She is so good at keeping everything interesting, relatable and relevant. Her passion and enthusiasm as a Wellbeing and Mental health champion is truly inspirational. I feel more confident in my abilities to support my team, and also recognize when I might need support too."


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