Kate Moxley


I am a consultant and trainer based in the West Midlands and I have worked within the Early Years sector for over two decades, combining a BA (HONS) in Early Childhood Studies with real-life hands-on experience of working with children and families in educational and PVI settings, leading and managing large staff teams.

I am an approved Mental Health First Aid England Instructor and specialise in wellbeing and mental health training, workplace support and working with staff teams to think positively about their health and wellbeing by working together to create mentally healthy nurturing environments.

I pride myself on my own unique approach and share personal experiences of my hands on, real life, relatable practice as an EY practitioner. I strive to advocate and raise awareness, training and education on mental health and mental health issues for the wellbeing of all staff, children and families.

I believe I represent the early years as a true example of someone who has a demonstrated history, enthusiasm and love for my profession in early years and childcare. 

Why train with me?

MHFA England is the only provider of licensed Mental Health First Aid Instructor Training in England


The MHFA England Instructor Training programme is accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health

Grounded in research and rigorously tested, our courses are developed by experts with input from people with lived experience of mental health issues

You’ll be joining a community of over 2.6 million MHFA-trained people in 25 countries around the world



"Kate is a wonderful person, caring, enthusiastic and passionate about education. Collaborative working at its best".
"Wonderful Risk taking training. Made me rethink what we provide for the children in our care and how we could use more resources to help enhance their learning".
"Kate is a wonderful and inspiring trainer. I really enjoy working with her".


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